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Seed cleaning + packaging plant

Our family is proud to offer seed cleaning and packaging in our certified organic facility.  Processing a wide array of seeds and grains, we strive to accommodate any of our customer’s cleaning, packaging, and transportation requirements.  Feel free to contact us   for additional information about our on-farm seed cleaning and packaging facility.

Crops:  We process grains, forage seeds, pulses, grass seed, clover seed, alfalfa seed, oil seeds and specialty crops.

Packaging:  Polypropylene woven bags are available in 25 kg, 30 kg, 50 lb, 1000 kg & custom sizes.

Logistics:  We can arrange export documentation and transportation of your order by road, rail or sea.

Location:  Our plant is located 6.4 km South & 10.4 km East of Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Click here  to see a map.

Organic Certification:  Our processing plant is certified to Canada Organic Regime (COR). 

Please contact us  for pricing or to book your seed cleaning &/or packaging.

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